Back in the old days, female mixed martial artists weren’t the best at striking. I mean, sure, some could throw a good kick or throw a decent punch, but you’d never confuse them with someone who’d devoted much of their life to refining that aspect of their game.

But the passage of time and evolution has given us some serious killers on the feet. We’ve got champ Amanda Nunes, who can wither opponents with her accuracy and power. We’ve got Holly Holm, who, when the mood hits her, can land a surgical kick to the dome like nobody’s business.

And we’ve got Valentina Shevchenko, who can not only throw some heat, but she isn’t fazed when the strikes are coming her way.

She’s rematching with Nunes in the main event of UFC 213, so you can bet there will be strikes in that fight.

Here’s some of Shevchenko’s handiwork.