Erick Silva was a Jungle Fight champ who came to the UFC wielding big power but hamstrung by recklessness. That made his record a bit mottled as time went on. Yancy Medeiros doesn’t have that same power, but his measured attacks are belied by a willingness to bang. How does their fight go?

Round 1 has Medeiros trying to draw Silva out while a mature Silva conserves his energy by exploding only when his opponent is in range (as opposed to his usual “go buckwild as soon as the cage door shuts”). The Hawaiian does tag the Brazilian with an overhand right that drops him briefly, but the Silva pays him back with punishing kicks to the body and a few knuckle-sandwiches that make Medeiros stumble.

They continue to box in the pocket in the second – a dangerous game that requires only the smallest mistake for a fighter to wind up wrecked. Unfortunately for the Brazilian crowd, the first fighter to make a mistake is Silva, who eats a left in an exchange and, when he tumbles to the canvas, gets pounded out.


Results: Yancy Medeiros def. Erick Silva via TKO (Punches) at 2:01, R2