Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC 212 – a pay-per-view based out of Brazil and featuring a whole hell of a lot of Brazilians. At the top of the card, champ Jose Aldo and interim champ Max Holloway will look to unify the belts, while the rest of the card has a bunch of non-Brazilians hoping that if they win they don’t get stabbed in the parking lot.

First up: veteran Iuri Alcantara against newcomer Brian Kelleher.

All you need to know about Alcantara is that he’s got an extensive record, a jiu-jitsu black belt, solid striking, and a ranking of #13 among the bantamweights. All you need to know about Kelleher is that he’s been toiling in the minor leagues forever, and can knock dudes out or tap them out.

Kelleher starts off showing zero first-time Octagon jitters, walking forward and winging kicks and punches at his foe. Alcantara does the same, and nails the American with a kick to the body here and a punch there, but soon Kelleher is stalking him. The Brazilian switches gears and shoots for a takedown… and winds up in an arm-in guillotine. He taps a few seconds later.

Wow, what a UFC debut for Kelleher.


Results: Brian Kelleher def. Iuri Alcantara via Submission (Arm-In Guillotine) at 1:48, R1