The heavyweight division used to be the best, most compelling weight class. That’s no longer the case, it hasn’t been that way in a while, and maybe you can blame the fading talent pool or the stars shining brightly in the other divisions. But whatever, it’s still a weight class with a champ, and that champ – Stipe Miocic – earned his crown by punching the hell out of people.

Which is what happened in UFC 211’s main event. His opponent: former champ Junior dos Santos.

Dos Santos has fallen a bit with time and mileage taking their toll, but he held a win by decision over Miocic, so why not have the two fight?

Just like last time, both men came out measuring distance with strikes. But it wasn’t long before Miocic found his rhythm, and he was soon backing the Brazilian against the cage with his fists and aiming for the “off” button. JDS played along, swinging furiously back at him, and then came the knuckle sandwich to the dome. He fell, and when Miocic followed him down and beat on him, it was evident the ref was going to have to save Dos Santos’ life.

Miocic has only ever lost to Dos Santos and Stefan Struve, and no way is Struve worthy of a shot. So who’s next?


Results: Stipe Miocic def. Junior dos Santos via TKO (Punches) at 2:22, R1