He looks like his time in the minor leagues was spent winning fights in trailer parks, but Jason Knight has got skills. Chas Kelly has got skills, too – in the form of wrestling and quick bursts of strikes. Put these two together and what do you get?

Kelly opens the fight with blazing hands and a seemingly unstoppable takedown game, which enables him to put his foe on the canvas with a quickness. But Knight’s guard is insanely offensive, and in no time Kelly is fending off submission attempts and scrambling to remain on top. He invariably retains that top position, but those kimuras and triangles he must dodge are no joke.

Round 2 plays out in similar fashion, with Knight escaping from the bottom more and more and beckoning Kelly to stand.

That tactic serves him well in the third – so well, in fact, that Knight is able to nail Kelly with a lunging uppercut from hell. Kelly does the Funky Chicken for a couple seconds before going down, and soon after Knight is pounding him out.


Results: Jason Knight def. Chas Skelly via TKO (Punches) at :39, R3