Coming into UFC 211, you have to wonder if former UFC lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez will be the same fighter after what Conor McGregor did to him. Will the hard-charging scrapper be tentative? Can he still throw down with reckless abandon? We know his opponent Dustin Poirier recovered from his own beating at the hands of McGregor, so ultimately, the question mark dangles over the head of the man from Philly.

Round 1 sees Alvarez take his time to find his range, which he does while a confident Poirier dings him up with jabs and hooks and kicks to the body. But soon Alvarez is throwing leather with everything he’s got, and you can’t help but imagine that if just one of those things lands, Poirier is in trouble.

Poirier keeps up his measured attack into the second round, and before Alvarez can get him, the Louisiana native nails him first, sending Alvarez stumbling and struggling to regain his senses. Remarkably, Alvarez does just a little bit – well, at least enough to land one of those killer fists and send Poirier stumbling.

And then it all goes to hell when Alvarez gets Poirier against the fence, Poirier kneels, and Alvarez pegs him in the head with knees. Referee Herb Dean jumps in, but confusion reigns thanks to the variety of rule sets used by the various commissions, and everyone is left wondering what will happen now.

Ultimately, Poirier admits he can’t continue, and referee Dean rules the foul accidental. While it lasted it was great, but the fight is rendered a “no contest”.


Results: Eddie Alvarez versus Dustin Poirier ruled a “No Contest” at 4:12, R2 due to accidental foul (knees)