What does it mean to be a multi-division champ in the now-defunct World Series of Fighting? It means you’re a badass in that particular pond. Still, in the ocean known as the UFC, you’re just a moderate-sized fish. Such is the case with David Branch, who won all the belts he could in WSOF before jumping ship to return to the Octagon, where he took on¬†Krzysztof Jotko and did… okay.

The bout opened with Branch and Jotko feeling each other with kicks and punches before Branch throws his foe down and takes top position. He opts to take no chance there, content to ride Jotko and pepper him with short punches, until eventually Jotko wall-walked to his feet and got a brief takedown himself. The horn sounds with them back up.

The pace slows ridiculously in the second, with neither willing (or able) to land anything of consequence. Branch scores with two takedowns, and though Jotko is up instantly, with nothing else going on, those brief takedowns are really all that counts.

No joy in Round 3, as Jotko wants to do just enough to stop Branch from imposing his will, and nothing more. He almost succeeds in that nefarious plan, but Branch does manage one big takedown. The crowd hates it – and rightfully so. This fight made no fans.


Results: David Branch def. Krzysztof Jotko via Split Decision