It almost seems like a thousand years ago when the UFC first signed the FOX deal and needed to put the biggest fight possible on live television, so they put their heavyweight stars Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos front and center. Man, so much has changed since then. Now the UFC’s marquee divisions are whatever weight classes Conor McGregor is fighting in, and the star power the heavyweights had has fizzled out in a never-ending onslaught of torn ACLs and rotator cuffs.

Someone needs to save the heavyweight division.

In a couple weekends, UFC 211 will be upon us, and its main event has champ Stipe Miocic rematching with Dos Santos (Dos Santos won the decision the first time around). Both guys have KO power, but as we know all too well, to create buzz, you have to be able to talk amazing game on the mic. I don’t see Dos Santos mastering English enough for that to happen, but maybe Miocic can start spewing that trash…? I don’t know. I’m just hoping someone comes along and makes us care again.

Here’s a preview vid for your troubles.