Right now, the two best female fighters in the world epitomize novels by Jack London. For Cris Cyborg, it’s “White Fang,” which is about a wolfdog that gets domesticated – much like how Cyborg was plucked from the jungles of Brazil and trained to interact with humans; for¬†Joanna Jedrzejczyk, it’s “Call of the Wild,” which is about a domesticated dog named Buck who eventually turns feral.¬†Jedrzejczyk, you see, was at one point a nice, unassuming Polish girl, but has since become some sort of animal/human hybrid that prefers to slay her food in the cage and eat it while the cameras are rolling.

Jedrzejczyk is hungry and must feed soon, so we’ll get to watch her in action as the co-main event of UFC 211, where she’ll devour strawweight title challenger Jessica Andrade.

A word of advice: Don’t let your kids watch. They will be scarred for life.