As long as Jose Aldo is around, Frankie Edgar will probably never taste gold at featherweight. That is, of course, because Edgar had two chances to knock the Brazilian off the throne and couldn’t do it. But that doesn’t mean the future for Edgar is grim – he’s still a top fighter capable of beating pretty much everyone else. (And, given Aldo’s penchant for drama and complaining and threatening to retire, it’s not unfeasible for him to abdicate the throne and for Edgar to fight whoever for the belt.)

On May 13, we’ll get another chance to see Edgar go to work, as he takes on Yair Rodriguez at UFC 211. This is a tough fight for Rodriguez, whose best hope is for age and mileage to have slowed the frenetic Edgar down enough to be hit. We’ll see if that’s the case, though.

Here’s a preview vid to get you psyched up.