Okay, so here’s the second episode of UFC 211: Embedded, and sure, it features champ Stipe Miocic training some more and Junior dos Santos goofing around, and it even has champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk getting some face time. But the most important aspect of this behind-the-scenes video concerns Jessica Andrade.

She has a barbecue.

You see, I love food. I am a foodie. If you were to check out my Instagram, you’d seen I follow MMA accounts and food- and restaurant accounts with about equal relish (pun intended).

In case you don’t know, the Brazilians (and Argentinians… I guess maybe everyone from South America, I suppose) are awesome at barbecuing. Their cuts of beef are slightly different (Google “picanha”), and they’ll put everything on skewers (like chicken wings!). It’s awesome. And that’s what Andrade’s peeps do when they throw her a barbecue.

So watch the video below, and play close attention to what they cook up. It’s the equivalent of a one-punch knockout.