New York finally approved professional MMA bouts just last year, and while that’s meant a whole new market for the sport and big fights at Madison Square Garden, it’s also meant a really green athletic commission stumbling around making mistakes in new and creative ways. Take UFC 210’s female bout between Cynthia Calvillo and Pearl Gonzalez for example. On Friday, right after Gonzalez stepped on the scale at the weigh-ins, the commission informed her that she couldn’t fight.

Because she had breast implants.

You see, there’s a law on the books in New York that says female boxers with fake boobs can’t fight without chest protection, and some genius thought that rule must have applied to female MMA bouts as well. So suddenly, what should’ve been a bout between two skilled fighters was now a big news story about an MMA fighter with breast implants. Eventually the commission relented, but poor Gonzalez had to appear before the media and talk about her boobs. Thanks New York!

As for their clash, both Calvillo and Gonzalez fought hard, and from the outset, it was Calvillo who was flexing her grappling muscle and putting her opponent on the defense. Round 1 ended with Gonzalez caught in a triangle choke and saved by the bell. Gonzalez got the takedown in Round 2 and even got mount, but Calvillo was too slick for her, and once more Gonzalez was defending against a choke – this one while Calvillo had her back.

The third saw Calvillo score a takedown and once more take Gonzalez’s back, and though she defended at first, eventually came the tap out.

Now, how many people are going to remember this bout because these ladies were skilled and fought well? How many are going to remember it because of the New York State Athletic Commission making much ado about nothing over breast implants?


Results: Cynthia Calvillo def. Pearl Gonzalez via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:45, R3