Chris Weidman dropped two in a row, and UFC 210’s co-main event was supposed to be his comeback fight. Gegard Mousasi has been tearing up the competition lately, but his match-up against Weidman was the last fight on his UFC contract, and the possibility of either getting paid more or jumping ship loomed. Obviously, the stakes were high for both men, so a definitive resolution was what they wanted.

Too bad the athletic commission got in the way.

Round 1 was all about Mousasi landing here and there with pinpoint accurate strikes – like a stiff jab and kicks from the outside – while Weidman got takedown after takedown, and stunner of a punch himself. The horn sounded with the former champ on top, and everything seemed on track to a nice scrap with an ending people could appreciate.

Then came Round 2. After blazing away with punches, Mousasi soon fell prey to another takedown. He gets back up, and in no time nails Weidman with a pair of knees to the head while Weidman is reaching for the canvas. Referee Dan Miragliotta thinks those hands were on the ground while the strikes landing, which would’ve made the blows illegal, so he calls for a five-minute recovery time, and asks that the officials check the instant replay. They do and deem the strikes legal, but instead of a restart, the break – which was imposed by the referee – has the commission declaring the bout over, with the official result a win via TKO for Mousasi.

It was a total and complete screwjob, both for Weidman (who didn’t ask for the bout to be stopped and the break to be called), and for Mousasi (who didn’t want the last fight on his contract to end in such bitter controversy).

Thanks, New York.


Results: Gegard Mousasi def. Chris Weidman via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 3:13, R2