They fought to a majority draw at UFC 205 and at UFC 209 it was a majority decision, and please, God, never let these dudes fight each other again.

Tyron Woodley, the UFC’s welterweight champ, took on challenger Stephen Thompson, and if they engaged and beat each other up back in the fall, they were too scared and timid to do anything like that this time around.

Literally nothing happened in the first two rounds. Nothing. It was awful, and the crowd let them know with boos. The “action” was ratcheted up slightly in the following rounds – Thompson may have found some courage to connect with a kick here and there, and Woodley might have realized that his racism allegations would be rendered meaningless if he ultimately sucked in the cage. But as championship fights go, this one was an event-killer.

In the final 30 seconds of the fifth round Woodley finally connected with something, putting Thompson on the floor and creating a fleeting moment of drama. But Thompson survived, and once again the judges had to do their work.


Results: Tyron Woodley def. Stephen Thompson via Majority Decision