Father Time has claimed another one of our heroes, and it’s now sad to watch this once-great fighter in action.

I’m talking about Rashad Evans, of course, who won TUF back in the day and was even light-heavyweight champ, but who now can’t even lumber around the cage without looking like he needs a cane or a walker.

Credit goes to UFC 209 opponent Dan Kelly for bringing out the worst in Evans. For three full rounds, Kelly – himself a veteran of some international TUF season – pursued Evans relentlessly, willingly eating a quick, single kick or punch just to deliver three doses of knuckles to the American’s face. This took its toll, and by the final round, Evans looked like he’d rather be tending to his lawn or down at the race track betting on some dogs.

Though neither man came close to finishing the other, it was Kelly who controlled the action for the most part. The judges agreed.


Results: Dan Kelly def. Rashad Evans via Split Decision