Wilson Reis was a stud a few years back, with his willingness to bang and his fantastic jiu-jitsu causing tons of problems for opponents. He’s older now though, and with a taller – and very dangerous – Ulka Sasaki standing against him at UFC 208, the Brazilian has a tough nut to crack tonight.

Reis starts off throwing punches to set up the takedown, and he gets one in no time, putting the Japanese fighter on the canvas so he can go to work. Sasaki kicks him away and gets up, and goes into full Nate Diaz-mode, mocking him while landing kicks and jabs at will. That just prompts the Brazilian to rush him and score another takedown, and this time it takes almost the rest of the round for Sasaki to stand.

Those frenetic punches-into-takedowns come early in the second, with Reis getting Sasaki’s back after a minute. Sasaki calmly spins out of it and gets back to his feet, and when he goes for a takedown himself Reis simply sprawls and rolls and winds up in Sasaki’s guard. More scrambling and Reis is again in back-control – man, what jiu-jitsu magic. When the choke isn’t forthcoming, Reis neck cranks his foe repeatedly, and while Sasaki survives, he’s getting handled.

Round 3 is all about Sasaki trying to stop the takedown, and his successful for at least the first two minutes, forcing Reis to strike with him. Reis obliges, blasting him with a hard left, and goes on to shoot and score with a couple double-legs. But he gets sloppy in a scramble, and Sasaki amazingly takes his back, locks in the body-triangle, and gives him some brutal payback with elbows and fists. He definitely lost two rounds to one, but damn did he make it interesting at the end.


Results: Wilson Reis def. Ulka Sasaki via Unanimous Decision