Phillipe Nover was a red-hot prospect on an early season of TUF but never materialized as a killer in the Octagon. But he’s got skills, and a hometown advantage as a Brooklynite, which means opponent Rick Glenn – a Duke Roufus disciple – has got a battle ahead of him.

Nover starts off tagging his foe with fast jab-cross combos that connect and kicks that Glenn ultimately eat, with one such kick echoing off of Glenn’s skull. He shakes it off and keeps coming, bloodying Nover’s eye with a left while absorbing more Filipino-flavored leather. Another high-kick lands, and Glenn ties up and nearly gets the takedown in the final seconds of the round.

Round 2 has Glenn pressuring the TUF vet with kicks from the outside, counter lefts and some concerted effort to clinch and muscle into a takedown. Nover does an expert job at preventing himself from going down, but Glenn is imposing his will.

Nover comes out looking angry in the third, and that translates into him repeatedly knocking Glenn’s head back with his jab. Midway through the round Glenn starts seeking that takedown again, but Nover is too good at staying upright. The waning seconds of the fight have Glenn pressuring the hell out of him with knees from a Thai clinch, and it goes to the judges.


Results: Rick Glenn def. Phillipe Nover via Split Decision