The UFC 208 main card kicks off with Dustin Poirier against New Jersey’s Jim Miller. Both guys have been in the fire for a long time, both are capable in all areas, with Miller wielding the edge in jiu-jitsu and Poirier having the edge in boxing.

Poirier comes out looking thoughtful and measured, landing chopping leg-kicks while moving laterally. Miller, Meanwhile, is walking forward, cranking off quick hooks and trying to draw his opponent out into a brawl. He shoots for a takedown after about two minutes, Poirier shucks him off, and they flurry momentarily against the cage. With a minute left Poirier catches a kick and throws his opponent down, but Miller ankle picks him, and when Poirier falls Miller takes his back. Poirier evades trouble, and the horn sounds with them brawling like lunatics.

Miller’s leg-kicks are landing hard and his counters are scoring in the opening of Round 2, so of course that just entices Poirier into more brawling, and they’re soon taking years off of each other’s lives. In terms of damage, Poirier is inflicting the majority of it, but for every five punches he lands Miller cracks him square in the face with one. The New Jersey native is slowing down, and Poirier scores a takedown to cement that grappling control in the judges’ minds.

The final rounds begins with Miller landing more kicks to Poirier’s thigh, and Poirier even goes down from one of them. But he’s still able to snatch up a leg and throw Miller down, and though Miller threatens with a choke and some triangle set-ups, Poirier avoids danger. They scramble up briefly, Poirier gets him down, Miller goes for a kimura, and the horn sounds with them giving their all.

When they go back to their corners, Poirier’s shin swells up immediately – it may be broken.


Results: Dustin Poirier def. Jim Miller via Majority Decision