Glover Teixeira got smoked against Jon Jones, and when he took on Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, he got utterly destroyed. I guess the takeaway there is that he’s a solid guy in the division but he’ll never beat the best. Thankfully for him, UFC 208 opponent Jared Cannonier is not even remotely the best, so the Brazilian should have a decent chance at walking out of the cage on his own two feet.

Cannonier is mobile from the outside, determined to keep scooting out of trouble laterally. This forces Teixeira to pursue him, and after they pick at each other with punches, the former contender changes levels and hits a takedown. They scramble a bit and Teixeira very nearly gets the American to tap with a guillotine, but Cannonier toughs it out and Teixeira goes back to work from top position.Amazingly, in the final ten seconds Cannonier escapes to his feet, and in those waning moments he wobbles Teixeira with his punches. The horns sounds before anything seriously dramatic can happen.

Round 2 has Teixeira tentative and cautious, clearly unwilling to eat anymore knuckle sandwiches. He rushes in for a takedown after a minute, resuming his stifling top game from the previous round. They stay on the ground for a few minutes, with a questionable referee standup bringing them to their feet with a minute and 40 seconds left. Teixeira lands punches, keeping Cannonier at bay, and the horn sounds.

Glover’s takedown comes within 30 seconds of the third, eventually getting full mount and back-mount, all the while dropping heavy leather. There they stay for much of the round, and when they do get up, Teixeira throws aggressive strikes until the horn.


Results: Glover Teixeira def. Jared Cannonier via Unanimous Decision