Queens native Randy Brown was bummed he didn’t get on the Madison Square Garden card, but hey, Barclay’s Center isn’t so bad, so here we are. He’s got Belal Muhammad to contend with, and Muhammad is a banger. This one should be violent.

Sporting a huge reach advantage, Brown comes out hitting his foe with kicks and punches from halfway across the cage. Muhammad takes it though, and starts landing leg-kicks that go unchecked and slow Brown down considerably. By the end of the round Muhammad has landed over 20 of them, but Brown’s boxing has him marking up his opponent’s face and earning a lot of those points back.

Despite working him over with even more kicks, Muhammad ties up and tries to get a takedown. Brown resists, and as the minutes tick by his boxing output fades with exhaustion. With about a minute left Muhammad gets him down with a single-leg, and when they scramble he takes Brown’s back. The horn sounds with him pounding away.

A minute into Round 3 Muhammad rushes in and takes Brown down, but his ground and pound is tempered by him having to defend against Brown’s triangle choke- and armbar attempts. In no time Muhammad is on Brown’s back, and once more he’s battering the New Yorker while trying to find the rear naked choke. Brown escapes and winds up on top in the final 20 seconds, but his assault from above is nowhere near enough to match what Muhammad did to him.


Results: Belal Muhammad def. Randy Brown via Unanimous Decision