UFC 208’s co-main event is upon us, and we’ve got aging legend Anderson Silva returning to action to take on young face-smasher Derek Brunson, who is coming off a loss but who had a ton of momentum prior to that. This… this could get ugly for Silva, who’s looking nothing like his old self as of late. Oh well. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get murdered.

Silva takes the center of the Octagon and stands there coiled, ready to strike. But by now everyone knows his bread and butter is countering, so Brunson stands opposite him and waits. An entire minute passes before someone does something, that “something” taking the form of Silva actually rushing forward. Brunson outright flees, then turns and wrestles, and a clinch war ensues colored by flurries by both men. Silva drills him with knees, and Brunson unloads with uppercut after uppercut, hurting the legend and forcing him to launch into a wild flying knee. He misses and falls to the ground, and the horn sounds with Brunson in his guard.

Round 2 has Brunson timid and shooting for takedowns that are destined to fail. Silva tags him, and eases into the pursuit again, but the American turns and takes him down. They work back up, and when Silva’s confidence grows he begins doing the capoeira dance – much to the crowd’s glee. Brunson’s respect for Silva is proving to be his downfall.

Brunson is trying his hardest to wrestling in the third, which is baffling since he’s actually scoring when he dirty boxes. Silva remains his usual cocky self, shaking off the punches that connect and firing back with spinning back-kicks, and with a minute left Brunson nails a takedown and winds up in the Brazilian’s guard. The ground and pound from above is minimal, but so too is Silva’s offense from the bottom. The horn sounds and it’s hard to guess who the judges will go with.


Results: Anderson Silva def. Derek Brunson via Unanimous Decision