It’s time for CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC 207, which is the UFC’s year-end pay-per-view bash that will culminate in the return of erstwhile female superstar Ronda Rousey. What do you think, my brothers? Is she going to get slaughtered? Or will she return to her dominant ways?

In the meantime, there will be a bunch of fights to whet our appetite – including the first one of the evening, which pits Tim Means against Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira. What’s most memorable about these dudes is that Means got stuck on the sidelines for a while by USADA because of a tainted supplement and this Brazilian version of Cowboy for the American one (a.k.a. Donald Cerrone) and got slaughtered. But they’re deadly strikers, so it should be fun.

Means takes the center of the cage and starts landing cracking kicks, which prompts Oliveira to tie up and seek the takedown. The American throws him instead, and Means bangs him up as Oliveira rises. They make some space and Oliveira lands a beautiful spinning back-kicks that puts Means on his butt, and then they’re fighting against the cage, trading takedowns and scrambling up over and over again. Everything comes to a crashing halt when Means beans Oliveira in the head while Oliveira is kneeling; referee Dan Miragliotta jumps in and calls a timeout, thinking there’s been a foul. Upon the replay, there’s confusion as to whether that constitutes a foul – Joe Rogan and Marc Ratner say no, but Miragliotta says yes. Either way, it’s all over.


Results: Tim Means vs. Alex Oliveira is a NO CONTEST due to an unintentional knee to the head of a grounded opponent at  3:33, R1