The second bout of the evening has Muay Thai specialist Brandon Thatch taking on UFC newcomer Niko Price. Thatch has always shown a lot of potential in his fights, but it’s thus far been unrealized. Price… well, he’s got a goofy man-bun, so we’ll see how he does.

Thatch wastes no time staking a claim on his opponent’s thighs, whacking them with kicks and forcing Price to do something. Price does do something – first, he walks into some punches, but then he gets Thatch down and just works him over on the ground. Thatch looks good defending, fending off a couple chokes and countering with a kimura – but Price is apparently a beast when it comes to jiu-jitsu, and soon he’s got Thatch trapped in a head/arm choke. Thatch taps out.


Results: Nike Price def. Brandon Thatch via Submission (Head/Arm Choke) at 4:30, R1