Johny Hendricks was once the champ of the welterweights. Now he can’t even make weight. Neil Magny hasn’t yet been champ, but is talented enough that he could one day be, and he can make weight.

Taking a page out of Stephen Thompson’s book, Magny uses his length to tag Hendricks with jabs, crosses and kicks from all angles. Hendricks mostly stands in range and gets hit, but after a couple minutes rushes in and gets the takedown. Magny’s guard is so active and his legs so long, that Hendricks can’t get much ground and pound going, and in the last 30 seconds Magny slips on a triangle that forces the former champ to defend until the horn.

Hendricks goes into full wrestler mode in the second, and it pays off in dividends, with him scoring takedown after takedown, and applying the kind of constant pressure that keeps Magny defensive and unable to threaten with submissions. For once, we get a glimpse of the Hendricks of old – it’s refreshing!

The takedown doesn’t come easy in the third round, though, as Magny is able to stick and move for three and a half minutes. Hendricks looks exhausted, but he guts through a double-leg and throws his opponent down. This time around, Magny slips on the triangle and it’s much tighter, and the horn sounds with Hendricks hanging on for dear life.


Results: Neil Magny def. Johny Hendricks via Unanimous Decision