Normally, a fighter on an approaching UFC card has all sorts of media obligations to meet, especially in the week leading up to the fight. These obligations are minimal for the denizens of the Fight Pass prelims, but increase dramatically the closer the fighter gets to being in the main event – which, of course, carries with it the bulk of the media responsibilities.

These responsibilities aren’t taken lightly by UFC brass. They never have been. Fighters have to not only fight, but sell the fight, and when the UFC sets up media days and press conferences and interviews, you damn well better believe that those main event fighters have to show up. Remember Conor McGregor getting pulled from UFC 200 because he refused to do media? Yeah, that’s how important it is.

Unless, it seems, if your name is Ronda Rousey. She’s not doing media this week.

As per MMAFighting:

The UFC 207 fight week media schedule was sent out to press Friday night and there were conspicuous absences: the two headliners.

Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes will not be at the UFC Ultimate Media Day on Dec. 28. That function is the typically the only availability for press during the week and will not be open to the public. There will be no UFC 207 pre-fight press conference or open workouts.

Rousey told ESPN The Magazine in a recent interview that she negotiated far fewer promotional appearances ahead of her bout with Nunes: “a few high-profile interviews with people of her choosing, a day of filming at the gym in Glendale and a staredown with Nunes at UFC 205, a bout that McGregor would headline in New York in November.”

So now we have a big mystery on our hands: does no media mean Rousey is going to get clobbered and knows it?