He shouldn’t even be competing anymore, and yet here he is, not only fighting on Friday in the UFC 207 co-main event, but defending his championship belt nonetheless. That’s right, I’m talking about bantamweight boss Dominick Cruz, who’s spent much of his career sidelined with the kind of knee injuries that keep fighters from the cage forever.

But not Cruz. The king of the improbable, Cruz has bounced back from each injury-surgery-rehab stint and kicked enough ass to show that he’s the best.

Challenger Cody Garbrandt has got a lot going for him – he’s young, colorful and packs one hell of a punch. However, this is Cruz we’re talking about, who isn’t just good – he’s good at overcoming things few can.

Here’s a video of Cruz talking about the fight. Watch, and be in awe of the man who refuses to let anything keep him from being the champ.