Valerie Letourneau has had a rough go of it since coming to the UFC, and when I say rough, I mean rougher than most.

After racking up three wins, she earned herself a title shot against champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk – and you know how those usually go. Then she got to face Joanne Calderwood, and if you’ll recall, Calderwood’s foot momentarily got stuck in Letourneau’s sports bra and Letourneau thought the entire world saw her boobs.

Hopefully, things aren’t so traumatic in her UFC 206 bout against newcomer Viviane Pereira.

Visibly bigger than the Brazilian (which, of course she is, as Letourneau missed the strawweight cutoff by two pounds), Letourneau takes control early with her kickboxing skills and reach. After a minute and a half, she catches a Pereira kick and takes the Brazilian down, and eventually works her way into mount. Pereira remains calm in the face of all the punches from above, and quickly gains guard, and by the last minute of the round the duo are wrestling against the fence.

The first three minutes of Round 2 see Pereira inexplicably do nothing but stand there as Letourneau chips away at her with kicks and punches. But then she springs to life, ties the Canadian up against the cage, and trips her down. On top, Pereira tries to score with short punches, and when they scramble up in the final 30 seconds, Letourneau seems a little tentative in committing to strikes.

Maybe Pereira’s corner lets her know that she’s allowed to strike back in between rounds, because Round 3 has her actually doing something on the feet when Letourneau is throwing those kicks and punches – namely, Pereira hits back. They clinch briefly midway through the round, but the fight otherwise stays upright.


Results: Viviane Pereira def. Valerie Letourneau via Split Decision