The UFC 206 main card kicks off with Norwegian newcomer Emil Meek taking on Jordan Mein, who retired nearly two years ago but apparently just can’t quit us. The biggest storyline coming into the bout is poor Meek and his epic facial hair, which the Ontario commission made him trim because… because… man, who knows.

Despite being about 15-years old, Mein has around 40 MMA fights to his name, and that experience is evident from the outset. When he and Meek exchange kicks and punches and it’s clear the Norwegian is dangerous on the feet, Mein snatches a leg and takes him down, and he does it again when Meek regains his footing. That enables Mein to fare better in the standup exchanges, as now Meek has to concern himself with not getting taken down. Still, the two blaze away and catch each other with punches that cause moments of “chicken dance” and “where the hell am I?” But a scramble has Meek injuring something (maybe a rib?) and crying out. He keeps fighting like a demon, though. Will that injury play a factor?

They stand two feet away from each other and flurry wildly in the opening minute of Round 2, and then Meek scoops up Mein with a double-leg and takes him down. Things slow as Meek methodically tries to pass half-guard, though he eventually works into mount and threatens with a head/arm choke. Mein wiggles out of that, but only horn brings him respite from Meek’s top game.

Mein lacks the urgency you’d expect he should have going into the final round of a fight he might be losing, and after some boxing exchanges where Meek wields all the fire, Mein goes for a takedown and winds up on his back again. In the final 15 seconds Mein swings his leg over for an armbar, but Meek is in no danger, and hams it up for the crowd while lifting Mein up with one arm.


Results: Emil Meek def. Jordan Mein via Unanimous Decision