Another night, another UFC event. Tonight, it’s UFC 206, a pay-per-view coming out of Toronto, Canada, and featuring Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis in the main event. Once upon a time Daniel Cormier and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson were the star attractions, but this is MMA and, hey, you know how that goes.

First up on the Fight Pass prelims: Zach Makovsky versus Dustin Ortiz. Makovsky was a Bellator champ, and sports some fantastic wrestling takedowns and transitions. Ortiz, meanwhile, is well-rounded, but has had some trouble amassing wins since coming to the Octagon.

Apparently, Ortiz has no fear of Makovsky’s ground game, because within the first minute he’s tying his opponent up and trying to get him down. He succeeds with a partial suplex, but the scramble is on, and soon Makovsky is on top establishing control. This doesn’t faze Ortiz, he works back up and resumes the stand-up grind against the cage. In the final 30 seconds Makovsky secures a takedown, and by the time the horns sounds Ortiz is on top and in his guard.

Round 2 opens with Makovsky scoring a takedown and landing spinning kicks and right hands. Ortiz answers with more clinch-work and takedowns, and by the halfway mark of the round Ortiz has his back and is angling for a choke. By the last minute they’re back up, with Makovsky scoring another takedown and Ortiz reversing him. Ortiz is looking sharp; Makovsky is getting handled.

Makovsky nails a single-leg early in the third, but spends a good half-minute defending a guillotine before Ortiz scrambles up. With every successful takedown Makovsky hits that Ortiz turns into a dominant position, and with every takedown that Ortiz hits and all the trouble he avoids, it’s clear one of these men is having a great night and the other is having an “off” night.


Results: Dustin Ortiz def. Zach Makovsky via Split Decision