It’s hard to imagine any fight topping Swanson vs. Choi in the violence department, but if anyone can do it, it’s Matt Brown and Donald Cerrone.

Both guys are killers, on the feet and on the ground, and both have the kind of killer instinct that make them fan favorites. I guess we should just sit back and soak up the craziness that is about to transpire, eh?

“Cowboy” immediately starts firing off kicks, targeting Brown’s lead leg and midsection, which forces Brown to come in close and box. Cerrone’s counter-hooks are on point though, and in no time Brown’s face is marked up. There is, however, no opening for Cerrone to capitalize on, as Brown’s default mode isn’t to back away out of trouble but to wade in throwing more punches, and some of them tag Cerrone. With about a minute and 20 seconds left in the round Brown misses with a high-kcik and fails to his back, but when Cerrone leans in to attack, Brown locks on a triangle. Cerrone has to work to get out of that, and when he does they resume blasting each other with technical kicks and punches.

They’re back at it once Round 2 begins, with Brown adding in knees to the body and Cerrone reaching down to threaten with takedown attempts. A minute and a half in sees Brown land a stunner of a right hand that sends Cowboy down for a moment, yet he pops back up and drops Brown with a surgical high-kick to the neck. Brown is up instantly. Good Lord, these guys are murdering each other – as expected.

They hug like brothers to begin the third, and then go back to work hurting each other. Brown charges in and gets a brief takedown, but Cowboy gets back up and… WHAMMO! Cerrone nails Brown square in the neck with a kick and Brown is out cold.


Results: Donald Cerrone def. Matt Brown via KO (Kick) at :34, R3