Old man Tim Boetsch was throwing cavemen on their heads back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but here he is still plugging away in the Octagon. His UFC 205 opponent is Rafael Natal, who may be Brazilian, but for the last decade has been living here in New York City and teaching at Renzo Gracie’s academy.

Boetsch’s best path to victory is to draw Natal into a brawl and hammer him, so that’s what he does almost immediately, forcing Natal to circle and swing wild. All the circling has the crowd getting antsy – as not a lot of violence is being perpetrated. But then Boetsch simply steps in and smashes Natal with a right, and when the Brazilian goes down “the Barbarian” snuffs the life out of him.


Results: Tim Boetsch def. Rafael Natal via TKO (Punches) at 3:22, R1