Miesha Tate was champ for the briefest of instances earlier this year, and now she’s not. But she’s a star, so of course she deserves to be on this all-star card, facing an opponent that won’t slaughter her. Oh, hi Raquel Pennington.

Pennington comes out and gets right in Tate’s face, and with her aggression and accurate jabs and crosses, soon has Tate feeling like she shouldn’t be striking with this girl. So the former champ ducks her head and tries to work a takedown, at which point Pennington slaps on a guillotine and completely lifts her off the ground by her neck. The crowd lets out a collective “Whoa!” and Tate kicks off the fence. They repeat this a few times until Tate breaks free, and she spends most of the rest of the round trying to take Pennington’s back while standing.

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Tate is flat as hell and isn’t setting anything up, so Round 2 is a sloppy mess of her eating punches, ducking her head and telegraphing takedowns, and giving Pennington every opportunity to hit her when they clinch. All the energy goes out of the arena for this snoozefest.

Round 3 opens with Tate jumping to guard and trying her fortunes on the ground, but no matter what she threatens with (triangles, armbars), Pennington quick with the defense. The crowd comes alive a little when Tate goes for a heelhook; it’s short-lived though, as Pennington escapes and is soon clinch-fighting a former champ who doesn’t seem to want to be there. The final 3o seconds have Pennington throwing her down and scoring with some ground and pound, and the horn sounds with Tate turtled and not caring.


Results: Raquel Pennington def. Miesha Tate via Unanimous Decision