Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden – live coverage, because you better believe I’m in the damn building. We’re here because of Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez, we’re here for a ton of other kickass fights, but mostly we’re here because WE ARE IN NEW YORK CITY.

First up is Liz Carmouche versus Katlyn Chookagian. Carmouche is most famous for greeting Ronda Rousey in the Octagon, but she’s had mixed results since; Chookagian has only fought in the UFC once before, but she earned her spot smashing opponents in the minor leagues.

Both ladies are tentative with their probing kicks and punches at first, but after about two minutes Carmouche draws first blood via a double-leg takedown. They’re on the canvas for a little less than a minute before Chookagian wall-walks up, and another minute has Carmouche hoisting her up and dumping her down again. Clearly, Carmouche is going to have the edge in wrestling and strength – what’s Chookagian going to do about that?

Round 2 has them tear into each other with leg-kicks, and Chookagian does a little better in shrugging off the clinch. That doesn’t stop Carmouche from getting control and throwing her down in spectacular fashion, and the following sequence has Chookagian struggling to free her neck from all sorts of wrestler’s control. She gets up in the final minute, and does a great job of regaining lost ground with a kicks and a jab that keeps knocking her opponent’s head back.

Chookagain comes out in the third with guns blazing, and with pinpoint accurate boxing, sets up a kick to the head that drops Carmouche to the canvas. The crowd comes alive at this sudden violence, and Carmouche is on autopilot diving for a takedown. Most of it gets stuffed and Chookagian keeps bloodying her up, but Carmouche does get her down for a bit and manages to shake off some cobwebs. Back on their feet Chookagian resumes the onslaught, and the horn sounds with Carmouche trying to not get killed.


Result: Liz Carmouche def. Katlyn Chookagian via Split Decision