Up next are Jim Miller and Thiago Alves. Miller gets a pretty decent guy since he’s a New Jersey guy. There are some boos for Alves, although I’m not quite sure if anyone in the audience knows he failed to make weight.

Miller takes the center of the cage and pursues cautiously with rights and lefts, while the Brazilian looks to counter with hooks and knees. Both men tag each other, and after two minutes Miller catches a kick and throws his opponent down. Alves does great work with an active guard that slows his opponent’s progress, and after a minute and a half they’re up again. The final minute has them blasting away with their entire striking arsenal, and maybe – maybe – Alves lands a little bit more effectively.

With confidence and aggressive, it’s Alves’ turn to take the center of the cage in Round 2, and he soon has Miller bleeding from the nose and diving for takedowns. Miller succeeds on the second attempt, and goes to work trying to pin his foe down so he can pass. It takes a while for Alves to get up, and before he does he eats quite a few knuckles. The waning seconds of the frame have him paying Miller back with his Muay Thai.

Just like before, Miller takes some damage in the striking exchanges and then snags a perfectly-time takedown to put Alves on his back. Alves gets back up, Miller gets a takedown – exhaustion has slowed these guys down, but they’re still doing their thing. At one point Alves is on the verge of getting back up and Miller pulls him down with a guillotine and sweeps him, which makes the crowd go “Oohhhhhh!” With about 20 seconds left Alves gets on top and rains down punches, and when the horn sounds they hug it out like brothers.


Results: Jim Miller def. Thiago Alves via Unanimous Decision