It’s time for UFC 205’s main event, which features some Irish dude named Conor McGregor against some Philly kid named Eddie Alvarez. Oh yeah, they’re also champs at featherweight and lightweight, respectively, and McGregor is the UFC’s biggest superstar.

Alvarez comes out touching McGregor’s lead leg with kicks, and after a minute McGregor just folds him with a left. Pandemonium in MSG, and Alvarez rolls back to his feet. McGregor drops him again with that same left, more pandemonium, and you have to wonder if the lightweight champ will survive. He does, despite failing some takedowns and winding up on his back.

Round 2 opens with McGregor rocking him with that killer left some more, but Alvarez tucks his chin and keeps going, and his aggression has him testing the featherweight king’s chin. McGregor remains cocky, putting both his hands behind his back and beckoning Alvarez to come forward… and when Alvarez does, the Irishman unloads with a flurry that ends Alvarez’s reign.

McGregor is now the lightweight champ, too.


Results: Conor McGregor def. Eddie Alvarez via KO (Punches) at 3:04, R2