The UFC 204 prelims on FOX Sports 1 have Russian boxing stud Albert Tumenov trying to get back on track against Brit Leon Edwards. When last we saw Tumenov, he was getting handled by Gunnar Nelson – will Edwards out-grapple him too?

The first round has Edwards getting a takedown, and though Tumenov works back to his feet, it’s clear where Edwards is going to seek his fortunes. Indeed, it’s no long after when the Brit gets the Russian down, and then it’s all about him passing Tumenov’s guard, going from side-control to mount, and eventually taking Tumenov’s back. The boxer fends off the choke, but sheesh. He’s getting handled.

Tumenov makes some adjustments in Round 2, and he sees great success in keeping Edwards at distance and bringing his boxing into play. For some reason Edwards seems content to try to counter, and for his folly he eats right hands and left hooks. The horn sounds with the duo clinched.

Round 3 starts to play out like it’s going to be a repeat of the second, with Edwards letting Tumenov mark him up in some sort of ill-advised striking contest. But near the midway point Edward catches a kick, and when Tumenov goes down he takes his back. Then comes the choke. Oh well. Sorry, Tumenov.


Results: Leon Edwards def. Albert Tumenov via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:01, R3