Up next are Nik Lentz and Michael McBride. Lentz has long been a hard-nosed dude known for making lives miserable in the cage. Will McBride fall prey?

Lentz, though smaller, comes forward with his chin tucked and starts winging hard punches. Soon he’s smothering McBride with his wrestling, alternating between throwing him down and pounding on him. McBride counters with a heelhook attempt, but Lentz works out of it and resumes his assault, and soon McBride is turtled while absorbing punishment. The round ends with Lentz stuck to his back.

McBride opens Round 2 trying to take Lentz’s head off with punches, and he’s surprisingly successful for the briefest of instants when he forces Lentz to cower and he takes Lentz’s back. The seasoned vet escapes, though, and soon Lentz is large and in charge on the ground, dominating top position and peppering him with punches. The ending sequence comes when Lentz takes his back, flattens him out and just wails on him.


Results: Nik Lentz def. Michael McBride via TKO (Punches) at 4:17, R2