There’s a lot of fighters with a propensity for standing and banging on this card, not the least of which are Brad Tavares and Caio Magalhaes – two middleweights comfortable with murder.

The Brazilian comes out and lands a hard kick, and Tavares quickly returns the favor. After two minutes of circling and throwing hard strikes, Magalhaes switches things up by snagging a leg and going for a takedown. This turns into a clinch battle against the fence, and while Magalhaes keeps at it, Tavares is just too canny to let himself get taken down. The horns sounds with them still playing the man-hug game.

Round 2 sees Magalhaes clearly a little winded from all of his exertion, which translates into him throwing wild strikes and tying up while Tavares defends and waits for an opening. The Brazilian succeeds in getting his opponent down for all of two seconds, and like in the previous round, the horn sounds with them hugging hard.

The third round sees Tavares initiate the tie-up and, when he ducks his head down, he’s suddenly fending off Magalhaes’ jumping guillotine attempt. Tavares wiggles free, and when they’re back up he starts laying into Magalhaes with kicks, a flying knee, and a punches meant to take his opponent’s head off. The round ends with them trading punches.


Results: Brad Tavares def. Caio Magalhaes via Split Decision