Hometown hero Jessica Eye had some heat with Bethe Correia at the weigh-ins, shoving the Brazilian when the former bantamweight contender got in her face. What does that mean for this FOX Sports 1 prelim “main event”? Hopefully some thrills and violence.

Eye knocks Correia’s head back with a left hand in the opening seconds, letting the Brazilian know from the outset that she needs to reign in the brawling lest she get knocked out. Correia returns the favor two minutes later, and then they go back and forth landing counters on each other. Aside for some kicks to the leg by Eye, these ladies are almost completely headhunting. with only a brief period of clinchwork against the cage providing a break in the action.

Correia is a tight ball of pent up energy in the beginning of the second, while Eye is fleet-footed and in motion. This doesn’t prevent the American from eating leather, though she does land a nice zinger on Correia’s eye that marks up her face a bit. When the horn sounds they’re both worse for wear, and it’s hard to say who might be ahead on the scorecards.

Every short-range flurry favors Correia in the third, and Eye does her best work and scores the most when she keeps Correia at range. This leads to some decent back and forth, but again, it’s nigh impossible to predict who the judges will favor when it’s all over. Regardless, these ladies look like they’ve been in a fight when all is said and done.


Results: Bethe Correia def. Jessica Eye via Split Decision