The women are back in the cage, with Raquel Pennington taking on Elizabeth Phillips. Pennington has never and been a world-beater, but she’s riding a two-fight win streak; Phillips is 2-1 in the Octagon, but she won her last fight, so here she is.

Pennington wastes no time stalking her down, firing off strikes from a distance while Phillips backs up. They tie up against the fence after a minute and a half, though, and the bout becomes a contest of knees, elbows and pummeling for underhooks. This goes on for a long while, with Pennington scooping her up and scoring with a takedown. When they scramble back up Phillips latches on with a guillotine attempt, and the round ends with Pennington flurrying.

The clinch battle resumes in the opening moments of the second, and this time it’s Phillips that scores the takedown. Pennington threatens with an arm-in guillotine, and when her opponent escapes, they duo scrambles back upright. For nearly the rest of the round, Phillips does her best to pretend Pennington is a piece of cheese and the fence is a cheese grater, and Pennington lands a takedown in the waning seconds that likely gives her the edge.

Pennington gets the takedown within the first minute and a half of Round 3, and takes her back not much later. Phillips struggles to avoid trouble, but she’s just too exhausted, and she eats a few fists and elbows before she can reverse and get on top.


Result: Raquel Pennington def. Elizabeth Phillips via Unanimous Decision