Well, here we go.

When we last saw these two in the cage, Nate Diaz was tapping out superstar Conor McGregor, and now he’s a superstar himself. So it’s back to the well for another.

McGregor clearly learned from their last meeting, as he opens the bout firing off leg-kicks like there’s no tomorrow. They take a toll and they come throughout, making Diaz’s boxing less effective – to the point where the Irishman is able to drop him with a left.

Those same leg-kicks keep coming as soon as the second round commences, and that left drops Diaz within the first 30 seconds. McGregor did his homework! But just like in their last fight, the pace and size difference makes McGregor slow, and when that happens – three minutes into the round – Diaz starts to take over. Getting in his face and tagging him, Diaz is suddenly the predator while the Irishman is prey. The round ends with McGregor hanging in there but a very different fighter.

McGregor still has enough pep make Diaz more bloody, but now he’s he one seeking the clinch and trying to slow the fight down. When he makes space, he scores with his low-kicks and that quick left… too bad rounds are five grueling minutes – the last two of which see Diaz utterly battering him against the cage.

Diaz is a bloody mess in the fourth, and after absorbing kicks and punches he seeks his fortunes pushing McGregor against the cage. The Irishman, however, finds his second win, and he very easily takes the round with his counter left. He’s constantly turning away and running, but he’s scoring and doing damage.

McGregor is again tired to the point where his explosiveness has left him, so Diaz makes up some lost ground in the fifth, pressing him against the cage and chipping away at him with short punches. Twice he goes for takedowns that get stuffed, and when McGregor trips him briefly near the end of the frame, Diaz scores a full-on takedown, ending the bout on top.


Result: Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz by Majority Decision