Artem Lobov is buddies with Conor McGregor. That got him onto a season of TUF, which he did not win. Chris Avila is a teammate of Nate Diaz. Can you make the leap in logic as to why they’re fighting on this card?

Avila is longer and leaner, but his reach means nothing when Lobov makes him stand with his back against the fence while the Russian picks at him with kicks and punches. The edge in experience is simply too great for Lobov, and though Avila seems to get at least a little more comfortable and willing to throw some heat back, every clinch attempt goes nowhere and Lobov scores point after point.

Round 2 opens with Lobov chipping away with leg-kicks, and Avila making a concerted effort to stay off the cage so he can better dictate distance. This enables him to stick a jab in the Russian’s face, and he lands couple one-two combos and even mixed in some Stockton slaps… but Lobov has his thigh too jacked for him to plant his foot and land with power.

The best blow of the fight for Avila lands in the third, and it sadly takes the form of an accidental clash of heads that opens up a cut on Lobov’s forehead. Other than that – and a brief instant when Lobov slips and has to fight off is back – this bout sucked. And you can blame Avila not being ready for prime time for that.


Result: Artem Lobov def. Chris Avila via Unanimous Decision