UFC 202 should be pretty decent cash cow for the organization given that the first clash between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz gave Lorenzo Fertitta enough money to buy the moon. So let’s feed the beast by watching the first episode of “Embedded” for this particular UFC event, shall we?

Below, we have the usual behind-the-scenes stuff that transpires at the beginning of fight week: fighters getting their last workouts in, fighters making preparations to travel, fighters chilling with their families.

You know, for once I’d like to see some really off-the-wall stuff in these videos, even if it’s staged. For instance, how awesome would the first episode of Embedded be if it consisted of a UFC executive bailing Nate Diaz out of jail? Or picking Conor McGregor up from a cardboard box where he lives under a highway overpass?

That would be great TV. I’m just sayin’.