It’s kind of ironic that the UFC is pushing the whole “bad blood” motif on the impending rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, which is slated for UFC 202 this coming weekend.

I mean, sure, McGregor was a superstar coming into their first meeting, and Diaz was an underdog barely given a chance by oddsmakers… which meant nothing once Diaz started beating the holy hell out of the Irishman. And yeah, of course the Stockton native is now a huge star himself for defeating the featherweight king of trashtalking.

But… bad blood? These dudes may have hurled some juicy insults prior to their first meeting, but they were utterly respectful once their fight was over. Like, ridiculously kind and respectful to each other. So, bad blood? There doesn’t seem to be a ton of that flowing.

Anyway, here’s a massive preview video the UFC has put together for the fight. It pushes the bad blood angle, which I guess is always a good hook to bring in viewers. And yet you saw it just as I did: these dudes are cool with each other. They’re going to mess each other up big time on Saturday, but they’re cool about it.