There are still no new details on the up and coming sequel to the UFC Undisputed game title. However, this video focuses on the minor details of the VGA world premier trailer for the game that you may have missed in normal speed. Although, visually the game appears to look exactly the same with just more fighters to choose from.

The game mechanics themselves though seem to have been updated slightly only based on the trailer footage. It appears that the cage will have some effect in the game this time which is great, I hope more than just that one animation though, that you see of Mir getting pinned against the cage, maybe being able to slide your opponent up against the cage when in his guard.

It also seems to have much better defensive abilities with better head movement and counter attacks, although catching the leg kick and countering with a punch is not new, some fighters in the first game are able to do that (Forrest Griffin). The ground game also shows a few new things like what appeared to look like an Anaconda Choke, and a variation to the Arm Bar.

Regardless of the few changes, I am still amped to get my hands on this game, I just hope that there is a whole lot more depth to the game than what little we see in the trailer. I would be highly disappointed if I am paying another 60 bucks for the exact same game with less than a handful of updated features, that they could have just gave us in downloadable content.