The flyweights get to kick of the UFC 201 main card, with Ryan Benoit and Fredy Serrano on deck to die for our sins.

Benoit takes the center of the cage and the two trade single kicks and punches, but Serrano is some kind of grappling stud from TUF Latin America, and at about a minute in he hoists the American high into the air and dumps him onto the canvas. After a second or two, Benoit scrambles to his feet, lands some good stunning punches, and then goes for another ride as Serrano lifts him up and throws him down. They’re up again instantly, and Benoit scores more with his strikes before the horn sounds.

Serrano has zero confidence with his kickboxing, as evidenced by him throwing single wild kicks and punches and literally running away after they miss. He does land a couple of axe kicks, and when it comes to wrestling, he repeatedly picks Benoit up and throws him down. But Benoit is adept at either scrambling up or nullifying the TUF LatAm vet’s offense, and the horn sounds with them transitioning from grappling to standing.

It takes all of eight seconds for Serrano to nail a takedown in Round 3, but he literally does nothing while in Benoit’s guard, so they referee stands them up after about a minute and a half. Benoit gets a takedown of his own, and when Serrano gets up, they trade half-hearted strikes and takedown attempts (half-hearted because they’re exhausted) until the final horn.


Result: Ryan Benoit def. Fredy Serrano via Split Decision