Ed Herman was competing on TUF back when it was fresh and interesting (yeah, that’s a long time ago). He’s still at it, and this time the man at the opposite end of the cage is young buck Nikita Krylov, a Ukrainian striker.

With his Kyokushin Karate background, Krylov wastes no time rocking out with the hard kicks. Herman responds with boxing and the timing of a salty veteran – which he uses to catch a kick and throw his foe down. But Krylov simply shrugs him off and returns to his feet, and Herman is eating kick after kick to the body until the horn.

Round 2 opens with Krylov throwing more kicks, but when he fires off with a spinning backfist, Herman opens up with his boxing – and Krylov places a surgical kick right on his neck, sending him unconscious to the canvas.


Result: Nikita Krylov def. Ed Herman via KO (Kick) at :40, R2