Next up on the Fight Pass prelims: Michael Graves versus Bojan Velickovic. Graves is a wrestler from American Top Team who did well on a recent season of TUF, while Velickovic is a Muay Thai specialist.

Graves takes the center of the cage, but Velickovic keeps him at bay with constant moving, kicks and feints galore. Three whole minutes of this kind of dancing elapses – three boring minutes – and then Graves shoots in and pushes his opponent against the fence. Sadly, Velickovic reverses and makes space, and again the dance resumes. I think these guys forgot that they’re supposed to fight.

Oh thank God, someone reminded Graves in between rounds that he’s being paid to do something, so he opens up Round 2 by shooting and hitting a takedown, and taking Velickovic’s back against the cage. They battle in grappling mode in pleasingly technical fashion, with Graves trying to sneak on the choke while maintaining his hooks, and Velickovic defending and twisting and turning. The horn sounds with Graves definitively taking the round.

Round 3 begins with Velickovic scoring a takedown on the stud wrestler, but Graves quickly scrambles and latches on to his back. Velickovic escapes back to his feet, and now it’s a contest of who can impose their will the most – Graves with his drive to get the fight down, Velickovic with his struggle to keep it standing. Velickovic wins in that regard, but is it enough for the decision?


Result: Michael Graves and Bojan Velickovic fight to a Majority Draw