Jorge Masvidal and Ross Pearson have been around so long they have moss growing on them. But they’re both good for a scrap, and the theme to this card seems to be “scrap to death”, so here we are.

Masvidal’s got the length to take dull advantage of his Muay Thai skills, so Pearson is a constant ball of movement as he tries to circumvent his foe’s straight line of attacks and land digging hooks. Halfway through the round Masvidal leaps into the air with a jumping knee attempt, and the Brit catches his leg and throws him down. They’re only on the ground for a scant few seconds though, as Masvidal scrambles up and resumes flexing his striking muscle. Pearson is clearly too small.

Round 2 begins with Pearson eating a left and dropping to the canvas like a sack of potatoes. Masvidal follows him down and pounds on him, turning those potatoes to mashed, but somehow Pearson keeps moving, which wards off the hovering referee. Still, Masvidal just lays into him, and only when the TUF winner makes it back to his feet and throws punches in return does Masvidal give him space. Pearson survives the round, and even gets a brief takedown, but he’s so behind on the scorecards it isn’t even funny.

Pearson is without question made of iron, because he comes out for Round 3 determined to stay in the pocket and score points. And it works, as he repeatedly scores with a left hand that tracks Masvidal’s head every time it dips back. But if he takes the round, it’s just be a slight margin, and he got wrecked in the previous two rounds, so…


Result: Jorge Masvidal def. Ross Pearson via Unanimous Decision