The UFC 200 prelims on FOX Sports 1 are kicking off with Sage Northcutt against Enrique Marin. Oh Sage, you beautiful, coddled and out-classed bastard. What will you show us tonight?

Northcutt wastes no time flitting about like a karate butterfly, skipping side to side while zinging his foe with high-kicks and single punches. But Marin is a headhunter, and after mussing up Northcutt’s hair, clinches and scoops Northcutt up and onto the ground. They battle for leglocks for a few seconds, and Northcutt transitions to back-control. Marin defends against the choke and rolls so Northcutt is just in mount. The work back to their feet and it’s Northcutt shooting for a takedown. Marin sprawls, tries to take his opponent’s back, and gets dumped on his head. More scrambling, the round ends with Marin on top.

Round 2 opens with Northcutt just so much faster on the feet, as exemplified by his ability to crack Marin with jabs, kicks and crosses. But for some reason he tries to take Marin down, and Marin outmaneuvers him and winds up getting a fully extended armbar.  Somehow Northcutt twists his way out of it, but is only on top for a bit before Marin again threatens him with a submission Рthis time a kimura. Our boy guts his way out of that one, too, and the horn sounds with Northcutt on top.

The third round opens with Marin taking Northcutt down briefly, and then trying desperately to get him down again when Northcutt gets back up. Northcutt does his best to stay upright, and delivers a ton of elbows to Marin’s head that makes the fight a bloody one. With time ticking away, Northcutt lets gravity do its thing but spins around so he’s on top, and then the horn sounds.


Result: Sage Northcutt def. Enrique Marin via Unanimous Decision